Frequently asked questions

What is CoStar and how does CoStar work?

CoStar is a social media content site that takes you behind the scenes with your favorite Celebrities giving you access to the day to day life of your Idols. CoStar gives you the opportunity to talk face-to-face with Celebrities and get to know them in ways normally reserved for those in their inner circle.


How do I talk to my idols? 

To talk to your Idol all you have to do is register for one of their FanCasts. Then, if selected, you’ll be able to ask them the questions face to face in a video chat on the event date.


What is a FanCast?

A FanCast is an event where Members get the chance to talk face-to-face with Celebrities. If you get the chance to participate, the Live Q&A session will consist of your Idol, a moderator, some other participants and yourself. You will have to register to participate for the desired event by submitting a question to the ballot.


How long does a FanCast for?

The FanCasts go for at minimum of 30 minutes with most events running at about 40 minutes. When submitting a question you will be informed of the period of time for which you will be required to be available to participate in that event.


Will I be recorded?

Yes, all Live Q&As are streamed live and recorded for archiving purposes on your Idol's Channel, so you can watch on demand and always have proof that you spoke to your favorite Celebrities.


Who can see the questions I submit?

Your questions won't be made publicly viewable, and will only be seen by TeamCoStar and those associated with your Idol's Channel. Your question will only be public when you get to talk face-to-face with your favorite Celebrity.


How are participants selected for a FanCast?

That is down to your Idols and the people associated with your Idol's Channel. They will select participants based off the questions that are submitted. 


How do I know if I’ve been selected to participate in a Live Event and what do I do if I am?

You will receive an email through address attached to your account, in that email you will be told that you have been selected to participate in the event. Then, 10 minutes prior to the required preparation time for the event you will receive a secondary email as well as a Push Notification containing a link that will take you to your Live Event.


How do I access a Live Event

If you have been selected to participate simply go to the CoStar app 15 minutes before the start of the event and press on the event tile from the app or channel homepage.


I can’t get onto the Live Event what do I do?

We have listed a couple of common issues below.

Camera and Microphone

​Ensure you have a camera and microphone permissions allowed for the CoStar app

Internet Connection

If you have a poor or weak internet connection you may find it difficult to connect or stay connected to the Live Event, so please make sure you are always near the best internet connection available to you.


What happens if I can't make a Live Event?

If plans change and you are no longer able to participate in an event, simply get in contact with TeamCoStar by emailing and we can organise someone to fill your spot. Your spot in a Event cannot be transferred to another session however you are always welcome to submit questions for any other future events on your subscribed channels.


Why did I get kicked from a Live Event?

To ensure that CoStar is community friendly, there are a set of guidelines that we ask all participants to follow when engaging in a Live Event. When these guidelines are breached the person responsible for the breach is removed to ensure that the event is suitable for all subscribers.