Jeremy Shada New Home Tour
27 Nov 2019

Jeremy Shada New House Insider Series



The Voltron: Legendary Defender and Adventure Time star Jeremy Shada, brings fans into his life, truly showing the person behind the star. Jeremy and Carolynn show us around their newly bought home in Georgia! Jeremy and Carolynn will not be moving in until Jeremy is finished with his new project in Vancouver. Lots of things to get excited for the Shada: the new life he is starting along with upcoming projects, FanCasts and Insider Series. 


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Jeremy Shada: 


7 Nov 2019

Episode 7: Jeremy Shada - Insider Series

Guys, what's up? It's Zach. You're probably wondering why I am on camera and not Jeremy. Well, there's a very special reason for that, and that is because we're going to surprise Jeremy. Jeremy does not know this is happening, but let's go inside and learn a little more about what tonight is all about.

What's going on, CoStar? I'm Josh, Jeremy's brother. We're excited to have you be a part of this. We're just going to be celebrating Jeremy and Carolyn's engagement, so that's really exciting. You're going to get to come and kind of see what we're doing and be a part of it, so that's really cool. We've got one of his good friends, Harry, right here.

I'm Harry, nice to meet you.

Stud in law enforcement. You'll see him more. You know, he'll be taking down bad guys.

I guess so, yeah.


4 Nov 2019

Episode 6: Jeremy Shada - Insider Series [Transcript]

Jeremy Shada: What's up CoStar? So today I'm inviting you all on a little journey to watch me just be really narcissistic and take lots of photos of myself. No. We are doing a photo shoot today, and I'm shooting with someone who is freaking awesome that I've been wanting to shoot with for a long time. Super excited. His name is Luke Fontana. He has shot for people like Meryl Streep, Cole Sprouse. Amazing people and amazing things. He's awesome. He's legend.

Jeremy Shada: And the reason I know of him or know him is because my roommate last year actually did a shoot with him, and I guess he knew of me from Adventure Time. And they did a shoot, and he was like, "Hey, let me know if he wants photos." So then I was like, "Uh, yes." DMed him and vice versa and we set it up. We're going to hang today and get some photos. Without any further ado, let's head on up.

Speaker 2: Excited?

Jeremy Shada: Yes. Very excited. This is a very small elevator.

23 Sep 2019

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